Aly Said

Was born in the north side of river Nile near the historical city Rosetta in Egypt. He began his study at the faculty of fine arts in Alexandria since 1997, then he finished in 2002 in the painting department, and had his master degree 2012. He participated in the Egyptian contemporary art movement since 2000 till now.

In 2003 he worked in the fine arts museum in Alexandria as assistant in Mahmud said museum, and from 2014 he became the director of the fine arts museum in Alexandria, the oldest museum in the city for the Egyptian modern arts.


Azza Ezzat

Visual artist living in Cairo. Azza is interested in urban views, and tracks the effects of human life on the built environment. Between the formal and informal city, Azza searches for hidden cities that are built on its residents’ impressions, memories, and dreams.

Bassem Abd El-Gelil

Graduated from the faculty of Fine Arts, Print-Making Department. The artist participated in many national & international exhibitions including Youth Salon, Graphic National exhibition, Cairo Salon, Sarsal Biennial of Print-Making & Ecuador Biennial of Print-making.


Also the Artist won many prizes in Art including Print-Making Prize in 3rd Ecuador biennial 2010.


Hamdy Reda

A visual artist and curator, works and lives between Egypt and Germany, graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo 1997, and received several free studies in curating and cultural management. He founded and managed Artellewa Art Space 2017 – 2007. He also participated in the establishment of the Brownian Motion Art Space in Germany 2018, which is a group of galleries for creating and activating dialogue among artists and between them and the society. Hamdy Reda's artwork includes several visual mediums, such as painting, experimental photography, installation, and interactive works.

His involvement in the curating and management of many cultural activities and programs locally and internationally reflects his interest in promoting the language of creative dialogue and developing mechanisms for artistic interaction.

Hamdy Reda has received many awards, art residency grants, production and management grants for art projects and programs. He has presented his work extensively at group and solo exhibitions locally and internationally, most recently was his participation in the activities of Plovdiv Culture Capital 2019.


Mahmoud Hamdi

Born in Giza 1980, Hamdi graduated from the faculty of Art Education in Fall 2002. He lives and works in Cairo.

The Artist has presented six solo exhibitions: AUC Fifth Floor Gallery - 2006; Saad Zagloul Art Centre - 2008; Gezira Art Centre - 2011, Isis Gallery in Moukhtar Museum – 2014; Arts Creativity Center in Alexandria 2016 and Gezira Art Center 2018. He has also participated in many national and international exhibitions including: several Youth Salons; Mediterranean Biennial for Young Artists in Italy 2008; Cairo Documenta 2012/2010; the Arab symposium in Katara – Doha 2014; Caravan “Amin” Exhibition in Cairo / Washington / New York; Cairo Salon 2018/2016; Imaging the Book - Mogo Gallery in Dubai 2016.


Hamdi won the Youth Salon prize in 2009. The Artist worked in the Culture Management Field; he was the Installation Coordinator for the Falaky gallery – AUC 2006, then the Manager of El-Genena Theatre in Cairo’s Azhar Park 2007. After that he started to work for the Ministry of Culture in 2008 as the Art Program Director in Folk & Show Arts House, then finally the Manager of Karmet Ibn Hanie Cultural Center – Fine art Sector 2012/2009, and recently the Visual Art Curator for TCC, Tahrir Cultural Center in AUC till July 2019.


Mahmoud Roshdy

Artist Mahmoud Rushdi Jaber was born in 1990. He obtained a master’s degree in ceramics in 2018, and a membership of the Syndicate of Fine Artists in the ceramics department. His solo exhibition «Plantings of the Earth» was in the direction of the Palace of Arts in the Opera in 2019. He worked as an assistant curator of the International Ceramic Symposium in 2015 and the organizer of the Youth Ceramics Forum, Ain Shams University, 2015. Also, commiser of Flashes exhibition in Greek Campus, 2016. Artist Mahmoud Roshdy participated in many exhibitions, including the 26th Youth Salon, and received the Ceramica Royal Award in Ceramics.


As well as the exhibition of Egypt Artists Salon in Giza Culture Palace, and won the first prize in ceramics for the Central Upper Egypt region in 2016.


Mariam Ahmed Khalil

Mariam Khalil is a graduate from Faculty of Fine Arts - Oil Painting department, class of 2016. And now she is making her Master Degree in Oil Painting too. Mariam uses Oil Painting and Photography as an art medium to express her artistic vision. She traces the physical and spiritual aspects/ effect of things on people and places and what this effect might have of different and mixed emotions sometimes.


She also interacts with physical pain/illness and the effect and visual result it leaves on the human body, she tries to discuss it through her art and what it includes such as the connection and the engagement between human beings and nature around him. And she follows the resemblance between them.


Mohamed Abdulla

Born in 1978 in Cairo where he lives and works. He received his BFA in sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Arts in 2002. Abdullah participated in different solo and group exhibitions including “Parallel Life” and “Virtual Surfaces” at Mashrabia Gallery. Abdullah has always been inspired by the deconstructivism.

His work is based on disassembly and structural analysis of the forms. He uses industrial materials
as iron in most of his works which helps him achieve refined sharp edges thatcharacterize his work.


Mohamed El-Abd

Born in 1979, graduated with a Degree in Applied Arts and majored in ceramics, in 2005.


He participated in many artistic events and group exhibitions inside and outside Egypt, for example in Italy, Spain, Poland, Belarus, Moldova, Turkey, Tunisia, Latvia and Angola.

He received a number of awards in Youth Salon for the years 2012 ,2008 and 2013 in the fields of performance and installation in space and ceramics.


Omar El-Fayoumi

Born in 1957, Omar El Fayoumi graduated from the Cairo Faculty of Fine Art's Mural Painting Department in 1981.

Between 1986 and 1991, he studied at the Academy of Fine Art (REPIN) in St. Petersburg, Russia. He has lived and worked in Cairo since 1993. His artwork has been showcased in numerous group exhibitions and solo exhibitions at Gallery Karim Francis, Ekhnatoun Gallery, Atelier Le Caire and the Russian Consulate Gallery, among others. El Fayoumi is primarily a portrait painter featuring striking faces.

He combines the Fayoum style of painting the modern term to a type of realistic portrait painted on wood and attached to mummies from Roman Egypt with modern painting techniques and colors. His portraits have an ancient, soulful look yet are set in modern settings such as cafes and coffee houses. They take you straight to the heart of Egypt.


Randa Fakhry

Born in Cairo, 1975. Randa Fakhri is the assistant professor in the Department of Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University 2019. PhD in Photography Philosophy in 2011.

She has several individual exhibitions, the last of which: the «basement» in 2018, and “We ... flowers» In 2017, in addition to her participation in many collective exhibitions in Egypt and abroad, among them: the ongoing state salons until 2019, the most recent of which is the Luxor International Forum 2019, the Burullus International Forum 2019, the exhibition “agenda” of the Alexandria Library 2020; as well as its solo exhibition “The Clown”, in the Khan Al-Maghrabi Hall, 2019.

She has won numerous awards and has many collectibles inside and outside Egypt.


Reem Osama

Born in Cairo 1989, graduated from the faculty of Art Education 2011.

Master degree in Sculpture 2017, She is an assistant Lecturer in Sculpture Departement in the Faculty of Art Education, Helwan university since 2012 till present. The artist participated in many national and international exhibtions, residencies and Symposiums, including Summer School (unfolding perspectives-design acts in times of change in Bremen, Germany 2013), Aswan International Sculpture Symposium, Youth Salon 27/26/25/24 & Cellium International Symposium.


Shaimaa Darwish

Born in 1985, Graduated from the Faculty of Art Education, Helwan university 2007, Sculpture Lecturer in the same college.

Her last Solo exhibition was in 2017 in Cairo named (Exaggeration). The artist participated in many group exhibitions nationally & also internationally including Sculpture Symposiums like Aswan International Symposium 2018/2017, & Iron / Scrap Symposium 2016.


Shayma Kamel

Egyptian visual artist, started her artistic exhibitions at L'Ateler in Cairo, 2004. Her last collective exhibition took place at the Sarsak Museum in Beirut.

Kamel participated in exhibitions in most countries of the world, for example: Bahrain, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Cairo, France, the Netherlands, and Lebanon. It has many collectibles in most parts of the world.

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